Early Autumn is an homage to the sleek, simple and clean lines of 1960’s furniture and a re-imagining of retro references.  An extension of the ‘Pure’ trend from spring-summer; building on the beauty of well-considered lines, strong silhouettes and surface texture that delights both the eye and senses – this design idyll balances function with a strong aesthetic presence.  

helen kaminski w15-14

THE PURITAN is a thoroughly modern lady who seeks beauty in the de-saturated colours of nature.  Victoria Beckham and Tilda Swinton are your go-to muses for the season – let their keen eye for cut and proportion inspire you.  Fendi’s collared shirts with generous cuffs should be a staple in your wardrobe, as is the label’s soft leather dresses (in both trapeze and shift incarnation).  Explore The Row’s modern croc kimono top with slouchy pant combo – and Victoria Beckham’s mid-calf skimming culottes and skirts paired with softly engineered knitwear.

helen kaminski w15-15

Key accessory shapes for the season?  Cozy, cocooning knitwear, the minimalist beret, the men’s classic flat cap and geometric simplicity in bags (embodied in the new must-have ‘disc’ bag and ‘landscape’ clutch).  Raise the style stakes by incorporating croc embossed nubuck leather and wild-cat lynx print in your finishing touches. Generate interest in shape and texture, this look is all about chic simplicity. 

Image credits:
Victoria Beckham, Tilda Swinton, The Row, Fendi, Victoria Beckham Runway