…. Clean, contemporary, natural …

helen kaminski ss15-1

Strip back those winter layers and reveal a lighter side of your personality through your accessories this summer.  Search coast to coast for your inner style tribe – become a bowerbird for culture and wear your travels on your sleeve.  Pair the traditional floral prints of Fiji with the stripes of the Amalfi Coastline.  Add a splash of late 60s Hollywood shimmer.  Be inspired by the minimal, modernist forms in art, architecture and fashion.  Allow all that surrounds you inform your look. 

… Minimal, sophisticated, composed …

helen kaminski ss15-2

Live each day being your most authentic self.  Find beauty in the complexity of natural textures – crisp cotton, raw raffia, pebbled leather, smooth metal and waxy panama.  Look beyond the surface and discover the story behind the products you choose and wear.  Enjoy the provenance that comes with owning a unique Helen Kaminski design.

Summer is a time for reinvention.  Release everything that is not essential.  Let Helen Kaminski be the catalyst for you (V2.0).