Helen Kaminski combines the heritage of traditional handcraft with contemporary design. A diverse selection of distinctive designs coupled with unique handcrafted techniques has positioned the company as a global leader in headwear. A long-term commitment to sustainable materials and practices, alongside a focus on conserving traditional handcraft methods, ensures that each hat and bag retains individual charm.

From intricately woven raffia in summer to skilfully handcrafted knitwear in winter, craftsmanship is the foundation of the brand. The Helen Kaminski team collaborates closely with each workshop to deliver innovative designs while ensuring quality and authenticity each season. The use of natural materials and emphasis on handcraft techniques means that each Helen Kaminski and KAMINSKI product is unique.


From its signature handcrafted raffia to high impact fashion Panama, Helen Kaminski and KAMINSKI collections embody a commitment to innovation, artisannal techniques and authentic design each season. What begins as a humble raffia or torquilla palm frond is intricately formed by hand into an expression of artistry – a marriage of fine natural materials and craftsmanship. Reimagining and exploring the applications for traditional handcraft techniques is essential for newness in design and opens up room for collaboration between the past and future – creating a style that expresses the now.


At the heart of Autumn Winter for Helen Kaminski and KAMINSKI is a dedication to craftsmanship, style and functionality. International sourcing ensures that only the best raw materials are selected to accent the designs; soft nappa leathers, fur felts, fine cashmere, shower resistant deer suede and other luxurious elements combine to create the starting point for a truly global collection.

The Sydney based design and production teams work with materials, crafting a seasonal direction that is both on-trend and true to the heritage of Helen Kaminski. Close collaboration with the highly skilled craftsmen and women see designs realised in three-dimensional form. One of the many advantages of having such close working relationships with the team of artisans is the journey a design can take from initial concept through to final delivery in store.

In a time when sophisticated global consumers seek products that reflect individual values, personal style, and respect for the environment, the Helen Kaminski legacy is more relevant than ever.